MSR – Montgomery Gentry – Here’s To You

So today on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), we will be talking about the latest and maybe last album from country music duo Montgomery Gentry.  The album “Here’s to you” was released on February 2nd, 2018.

And reasons why it could be a final album is one half of Montgomery Gentry, Troy Gentry recently died on September 8th, 2017 in a helicopter crash.  And the other half Eddie Montgomery was not harmed or on the helicopter at the time of the fatal crash.

So a little history of Montgomery Gentry now.  They are both natives of Kentucky.  Montgomery Gentry began their career together in 1994.  But they didn’t really get going til 1999.  Some of their biggest songs were “If you ever stop loving me”, “Something to be proud of”, “Lucky man”, & “Gone”.

And they won duo of the year in 2000 and were inducted to the Grand Ole Orpy in 2009.  And they won that award from Brooks & Dunn who were dominating that catergory.  

Now about the latest album “Here’s to you”.  There are some songs we would like to talk about on this 12 track cd.  The current single is “Better me” which features Troy Gentry singing about how he is working on a better him.  Other standouts on this cd is “Get down South”, “Drive on home”, “Feet back on the ground”, and “That’s the thing about America”.  And here is the track list now.

Track list
1. Shotgun wedding.
2. Better me.
3. Needing a beer.
4. What’cha say we don’t.
5. Crazies welcome.
6. Get down South.
7. Drive on home.
8. Feet back on the ground.
9. Drink along song.
10. King of the world.
11. That’s the thing about America.
12. All Hell broke loose.

And on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), I would give this album a 3.75 out of 5 stars.  It is good for a true Montgomery Gentry fan but with everyone else buying the CD cause one of them died.  Keeping it out of true fans’ hands.  Which was wrong.  Thanks for taking the time to read this review.  See ya all next time.