MSR – Brett Young – Ticket To L.A.

So today on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), I will be talking about the latest album release from country music rising star Brett Young.  This new cd is titled “Ticket to L.A.” and was released on Friday December 7th, 2018.  There are 13 total tracks on this album but let’s see a little about the career from Brett Young.

Brett has had success on Radio with 4 number hits on the airplay charts.  Such as “Sleep without you” which was his debut single.  Then he got more attention with his song “In case you didn’t know”.  And his last two number ones were “Like I loved you”, & “Mercy”.  Which also earned him a spot on my AOTY 2018 (Artist of the year).  Now let’s see what we can find on this CD.

The lead single for this new album is one co-written by Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum titled “Here tonight”.  The title track is “Ticket to L.A” which Brett Young is from California.  And Brett used to be a baseball player until he got hurt which you can heard more about his life on his song with Gavin DeGraw (Who is his friend) titled “Chapters”.  Also check out “The ship and the bottle”, & “Reason to stay”.  But the stand out songs on this cd in my opinion are “Change your name”, & “Chapters”.  But maybe a follow-up to “Mercy” is “Don’t wanna write this song”.  Where his loved one has died and he has to move on.  But it is so hard to move on.  Now for the rest of the track on this album.

Track list.

1. Ticket to L.A.

2. Here tonight.

3. Catch.

4. 1, 2, 3 Mississippi.

5. Let it be mine.

6. Where you want me.

7. Used to missin’ you.

8. Change your name.

9. Chapters (Featuring Gavin DeGraw).

10. The ship and the bottle.

11. Reason to stay.

12. Runnin’ away from home.

13. Don’t wanna write this song.

And today on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), I would give Brett’s new album a 5 out of 5 stars.  Brett co-wrote 10 out of 13 tracks on this CD and every song on this is actually really good.  And I felt like it was very tough to pick a few songs to talk about.  Thanks for taking the time to read this review.  See ya all next time.